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Our Company was established on May 2004 as a private venture that evolved from the experimental project known as "Perlas de Guaymas" which was funded by ITESM in March of 1996, but actual pearl culture research began back in 1991 by a small group of students. During the year 2000, the first commercial harvest of nucleated cultured pearls in the American continent was obtained. On February 2005, ITESM's company was sold to a group of private investors. Our registered brand name and original product "Perlas del Mar de Cortez®" -the authentic Gulf of California Cultured Pearl- continues to gain Worldwide prestige.

In all, the Company has over 16 years experience of actually growing pearl oysters, cultured pearls and producing pearl jewelry. No one else can lay similar claims, at least in Mexico and Latin America. Our main offices & store are all located inside the Guaymas Campus of the "Tec Milenio" (formerly ITESM), within the building known as CECARENA. The Pearl Farm is located -at a short walking distance- in the clean and tranquil waters of Bacochibampo Bay.

Personnel Directory:

  • Enrique Arizmendi - Managing Director & Pearl Culture Specialist
  • Manuel Nava - Pearl Culture Specialist
  • Douglas McLaurin - Public Relations & Pearl Culture Specialist


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