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Pearls are almost as old as Mankind and the first true gems that our ancestors used to adorn themselves with. This was because pearls could be extracted with relative ease (fishing an oyster is much easier than opening up a mine) and -unlike other gems- it wasn't necessary  for them to cut or polish the pearls in order for the piece to look beautiful: pearls were beautiful from the very beginning and -due to their "softness"- they could easily be prepared for jewelry (even using primitive tools made of bone, stone or wood).

To early Humans, pearls must have been considered the most Perfect gift in Nature: able to capture the beauty of the moon and the rainbow at the same time, a gem with true magic.

Later, in the world's emerging civilizations, pearls took on a much bigger role, personifying virtue, wisdom, power and wealth. Nowadays, pearls are considered the "Queen of Gems", and people all over the World possess and price these singular jewels.

The romance between humanity and the pearl seems unending...




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