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In order to produce these extraordinary pearls, a pearl farmer requieres great patience. Up to four years are needed to achieve a great harvest full of beautiful and durable pearls, true gems. During this long period of time one needs to constantly give maintenance to the oysters to help them survive the challenges coming from the natural world, including hurricanes and climate change

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Sea of Cortez Pearls

Our company is proud to present itself as the first commercial saltwater cultured pearl farm in the Americas, and as the only pearl oyster farm in the world which cultivates its pearls using a unique  pearl oyster: the “Rainbow Lipped Pearl Oyster or Pteria sterna.

Cortez Pearls® are the most exotic cultured pearls in the world due in no small part to: their limited annual production (four thousand pearls) and, our quality standards.

The Species

The rainbow lipped oyster (Pteria sterna) is a native species from the Sea of Cortez. It distinguishes itself from the rest of the pearl oysters because of the wide variety of colors of its nacre. The colors displayed on its pearls are the result of the travel of light through fine and translucent nacre layers. Impossible to imagine that such a beautiful effect could be forever confined to the inside of the shells.

Fair trade

Engaging in fair trade is a resolution we took form the very beginning of the project. The result of our choice, of our effort, is something that you can see reflected in the integrity of the product, the social responsibility and the care we take of the enviroment.

Product integrity is evident in the respect with which we handle the natural beauty of these gems of natural colors, guaranteeing that they are devoid of any form of chemical or physical treatment to alter their appearance.

Regarding nature, the pearl farm acts as a safeguard for the best possible environmental conditions. This is essential because the multicolored beauty of our pearls can only be achieved in a pristine environment.

Social responsibility implies understanding that, beyond just giving employment, the development of a formal and respectful laborculture must be encouraged, complying with the highest international standards.

Luxury products such as jewelery and gems that ethically handle environmental and social aspects throughout the production chain can bring hope and well-being to everything and everyone involved in the process. Read more about Fair Trade Gems here.

Cortez Pearls® are not simply gems or accessories, not even the company: it is a concept that integrates the Pearl, with its History, the Nature that surrounds us and the Person who acquires and wears one of our unique pearls.

Somos una empresa de socios mexicanos con el objetivo de traer de vuelta las Perlas del Mar de Cortés® a los mercados mundiales a través de la maricultura de un modo sostenible.

Iniciamos como un proyecto de investigación sobre ostras perleras nativas y fuimos creciendo con el apoyo de la comunidad de Guaymas hasta llegar a este punto en el que somos 22 trabajadores en la granja.

Desde la época de estudiantes estuvimos comprometidos con la protección de nuestro medio ambiente, buscábamos un proyecto que no fuera contaminante y, además, que se pudiera trabajar con especies nativas, evitando así el impacto de introducir especies. Pero conforme hemos ido creciendo nos hemos dado cuenta de otros aspectos que también son importantes para construir un país. Nuestro compromiso lo pueden leer en este documento: Propuesta de sostenibilidad de la Granja de Perlas del Mar de Cortez 20.

If you have questions, we are at your service via WhatsApp (52) 622 131 8585
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