Perlas del Mar de Cortez – INGLES

Your Cortez Pearl is special and requires special care.

Your genuine Sea of Cortez Pearl® was produced at the only commercial pearl farm in the Americas and the only one in the world that grows the species Pteria sterna (Rainbow-lipped pearl oyster). Our pearl farm is located at the Bacochibampo bay, in the town of Guaymas, Sonora, México.

Each pearl is cultivated with the utmost care, from its implant operation to its harvest and setting in exclusive jewelry. The production of Sea of Cortez Pearls® is limited to 4,000 pearls per year; thus making Mexican pearls, the most exclusive in the world. The beauty of this gem is all natural since it’s free from any chemical or physical treatments. There isn’t and will never be a piece as the one you have acquired.

How to Care for my Cortez Pearl?

To preserve your pearl’s beauty and durability, always wipe it clean it with a soft and humid cloth made of natural fibers (cotton, silk, etc.). This simple action will remove any perfume, lotion or sweat residues that may damage or mar your pearl’s beauty.

Always avoid the use of harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions of acidic nature or that contain ammonia, as well as the use of ultrasound jewelry cleaners. There are many special jewelry cleaning solutions that are perfectly safe on amber, opals and pearls; these will safely clean your jewelry items without damaging your beautiful organic gems.

Pearls must be protected from harsh chemicals found in products such as perfumes and hair-sprays. An old saying used to phrase it this way: “Pearls are always the last thing you put on and the first you take off”. Your pearls should never come in contact with pool water: the chlorine in there will surely damage your gem.

If you follow these simple recommendations, we know that you and your family will enjoy your pearls for several generations. We also offer our jewelry cleaning services if you bring your “Cortez Pearl” items to us.

Thank you for your Trust!
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