Authentic Mother-of-Pearl Cream, Sunscreen, and Soap (FULL KIT)


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There is nothing better than this SKINCARE “TRIO”

Mother-of-Pearl Cream and Soap

The magic begins with a professional formulation to avoid the use of chemical preservatives, chemical odors or chemical texture helping substances, instead all the ingredients are 100% natural. More than a cream and a soap, this is a concentrated of “Concha Nácar” It´s purpose is not to hydrate, but to be applied for corrective use.

In addition to its star ingredient, which is the Mother-of-Pearl, it contains vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant, olive fat, beeswax, and different vegetable oils with proven benefits for the skin, such as sweet almond oil (both products).

Among the benefits of incorporating this cream and soap into your daily routine are:

• Regeneration of the skin, thanks to the stimulation of collagen production achieved by nacre.
• Auxiliary against wrinkles and acne
• Excellent against skin stains from the sun, acne, or age
• Soften keloid scars
• On mature skin, this nutritive cream will help to improve your skin elasticity, while removing scars or sunspots from the area. A great way to revive your skin.
Instructions for use: Apply to clean dry skin with a gentle massage on the face, décolleté area, hands, or any other area of the affected skin.

Cream can be applied up to 3 times a day. The soap is made with glycerin, mother-of-pearl powder, honey and natural vitamin e.

Mother-of-Pearl Sunscreen

  • Manufactured without harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, as well as avoiding synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or artificial colorants.
  •  Made exclusively from natural and organic ingredients sourced from local and environmentally responsible suppliers.
  • Focused on keeping the skin’s natural balance and protecting its defensive barrier, while avoiding any irritation or harm.

    This new product has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 and includes ingredients such as zinc oxide, mother-of-pearl powder, cold-pressed extra virgin vegetable oils, and vitamin E. It has a solid consistency, but thanks to the inclusion of beeswax and vegetable fats in its formulation, it is easy to apply on the face and all over the body.