5 Cortez Mabe Pearls


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5 Cortez Mabe Pearls

Cortez Mabe Pearls are the most colorful in the world but they are produced in limited quantities (2-3 thousand per year) and have an average size of 12-16 mm in diameter. Large Blister Mabes are very unusual (less than 100 per year) and the Gem grade blisters are even more so.

This is a group of beautiful Sea of Cortez Mabe Pearls. They feature great metallic luster with multicolor overtones, all of these pearls have different sizes, but some of them could be pairs. An amazing opportunity for pearl lovers, these pearls include a discount on the final price, just perfect for some very special jewelry designs.

  • Weight: 5g (4 Mabes)
  • Type of Pearl: Sea of Cortez Cultured Mabe Pearl
  • Size of the Mabes: 13 x 16 mm / 12 x 15 mm / 14 x 18 mm / 12 x 16 mm / 14 x 16 mm
  • Pearl Grade: B
  • Harvest Year: 2020
  • DISCOUNT (Each “lot of pearl” has a percentage of discount already included)

Additional information

Weight 5.3 g
Type of Pearl

Cultured Mabe Pearl