Baroque KISS shaped 9.75 x 10.7 mm Cortez Pearl


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Baroque KISS shaped 9.75 x 10.7 mm Cortez Pearl

This is a fascinating Sea of Cortez Pearl with an interesting shape many have seen before. Most of us enjoy the sweet taste of the famous “Kiss Chocolate”
Well here we have a beautiful intense Green/Violet “Kiss” shaped Cortez Pearl. Round does not mean they are the best, uniqueness is the most important feature on our pearls. This KISS PEARL is so lustrous and colorful.  A perfect addition to your Pearl Collection or for use in a very special Jewelry design.

There are no other pearls in the world that poses this natural beauty and guarantee you your pearl will belong in your family’s treasure chest for generations with the same beauty.

  • Type of Pearl: Cortez Cultured Loose Pearl
  • Shape: Baroque (Kiss)
  • Size: 9.75 x 10.70 mm
  • Grade: Gem+ National Selection
  • Implanted by: Enrique Arizmendi (2018)
  • Harvest Year: 2020

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Weight 1.5 g
Type of Pearl

Loose Cultured Pearl