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Mother-Of-Pearl Restorative Soap

Our Mother-of-Pearl Soap is one of our skincare products from the Clean Cosmetics line, formulated with 100% natural ingredients that improve skin health and appearance. We’ve harnessed the unique benefits of the mother-of-pearl powder, known for its ability to stimulate collagen production, to create a gentle soap that helps:



  • Natural regeneration of the skin

  • Soften wrinkles, and keloid scars

  • Fade skin blemishes of any kind (sunspots, acne marks, liver spots)

  • Diminish acne

  • Allow the skin to regain its natural pallor.

The Clean Cosmetics products are naturally sourced, which means that in addition to revitalizing your skin, they are free of toxic chemicals that could harm your body or the environment. So they’re ideal for all members of your family, young, and old, and any type of skin.

Additionally, with our improved Mother of Pearl Powder extraction process, you do not have to worry about sun exposure while using the soap, as well as the cream and the solar protector, so it is safe to use during the day or night.

In the past it was said mother-of-pearl products couldn’t be used under the sun as it would cause skin discoloration. But what really caused the stains was the citric acid used to extract the powder through traditional means. But in our soap’s ingredient list you will only find: Glycerin, Mother of Pearl Powder, Honey, Vitamin E, and Natural Essence.

The importance of keeping the soap natural and avoid the use of perfume, foaming factors or preservatives in its fabrication can be exemplified by the following:


    • This soap can help to reduce the irritation that commercial soaps cause in people with sensitive skin either because of genetic reasons, disease or the treatment, for example diabetes or radiotherapy). 

    • For people with mixed or oily skin the gentleness of our soap leaves the skin clean without provoking the defensive reaction of oil secretion, thus leaving a sensation of freshness.

    Discover the secret behind our corrective line of Mother of Pearl skincare products!
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