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The Cortez Pearl Harvest & Pearl Ruckus 2018

The Cortez Pearl Harvest 2018

Every summer we have our pearl harvest and this year was not the exception and we also had a big and interesting VIP Pearl Harvest Event that included members of GIA chapter Mexico, the Instituto de Gemología y Alta Relojería of Mexico (IGARM) and designers from the Joyeros-MX group.

VIP Cortez Pearl Harvest 2018

Despite the arrival of a storm on the very day of the event, we were able to enjoy an informative tour of the Pearl Farm with founding-partner Enrique Arizmendi, followed by a beautiful “pearl release ceremony” with founding-partner Manuel Nava, and later to the pearl harvest with all our guests and our full work team.

The 2018 harvest will be remembered for its high quality, excellent pearl shapes and excellent luster.

Harvest 2018
The Pearl Ruckus 2018

Another of the summer events that we are accustomed to here is to attend the traditional “Pearl Ruckus” organized by the “” Forum and ““. This year we celebrated the 10th Annual edition and it was held at Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, California, and included a yacht trip through the bay, in addition to a selection of excellent talks on pearls, including:

  • Douglas McLaurin-Moreno of “Sea of Cortez Pearls“: With a talk about the history of this company in its almost 30 years of work.
  • Blaire Beavers, editor of the Forum “” with a very funny talk about how the forum performs “detective work” on how to find and eliminate “spammers”.
  • Jennifer Heebner of the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA), who shared the phenomenal work that new designers are doing around the world.
  • Hisano Takei, designer of “Little h” who shared her story and the way in which her designs evolved to finally achieve the production of her original and award-winning line of pearl jewellery.
  • Josh Humbert of “Kamoka pearls ” With a great talk about the process of pearl implanting techniques in Ahe, French Polynesia.
  • Jacques Branellec Jr of “Jewelmer ” with a great talk about sustainable pearl production in the Philippines.

Pearl Ruckus 2018

Finally, we had an exclusive viewing of the video-documentary “The Power of Pearl” by filmmaker Abhra Perry and we were able to enjoy the product of 8 years of work filming in the Philippines, Australia and Indonesia. Fantastic images, all full of life; this documentary sensitizes all who do not know what happens behind the production of sustainable pearls. This is just a preview of the video:

A short video of the closing of the event was published for those wishing to see pearls… many, many pearls from all over the world, being enjoyed by a lovely group of “Peal Lovers”.

The “Mar Bermejo” necklace

There are unique, special pieces that have are called to become epic and transcend eras… and for us, there is such a piece: the Cortez Pearl Necklace “Mar Bermejo“, an exquisite piece, with the best-cultured pearls from the last pearl harvest from our farm in Guaymas, Sonora. A monumental piece of work-&-Love and that will, fortunately, remain in Mexico."Mar Bermejo" - The Best Cortez Pearl Necklace of All Time.

Congratulations to the owner of this unique, exceptional and beautiful jewellery piece.

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